Post Graduation division for Mechanical Engineering (Design) at PREC has set up a PhD Research Centre in Mechanical Engineering and its faculty members have published 141+ papers so far.


Post Graduation division for Mechanical Engineering (Design) at the Pravara Rural Engineering College was established in 1994. The department has a record of excellent faculty retention, great infrastructure, and brilliant learning resources such as well equipped and functional laboratories.

Accredited to the NBA in 2003-04, faculty members have published as many as 141+ papers since the genesis of the department. Precisely why the department has set up a PhD Research Centre in Mechanical Engineering.

Moreover, the department has started Bachelor of Vocational (Production Technology & Refrigeration and Air Conditioning; 25 seats each) with two PhD faculty members and another PhD registered faculty member.

Our Vision

To enable prosperity by creating world-class mechanical engineers.

Our Mission

To impart high quality and globally recognized knowledge of Mechanical Engineering Design to enable post graduates to take up challenges of research for nation building.


  • To create a dynamic environment where students are at par with latest technologies.
  • To promote fruitful and effective industry-department interaction.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  1. To practice mechanical engineering in broad range of industries.
  2. To pursue higher education, research and development, and other creative and innovative efforts in engineering and technology.
  3. To provide opportunity for students to work as part of teams on multidisciplinary projects.
  4. Graduates will exercise an understanding of ethical and social responsibilities in their professional lives and community service.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  1. Graduate engineer will work in all fields of mechanical engineering viz .design, manufacturing, process, production, maintenance, analysis, quality ,energy, thermal engineering , engines, research and development, service, sales, marketing, etc.
  2. Graduate Engineering will work in multidisciplinary areas such as software, automation etc.
  3. Graduate engineer will pursue higher studies and research at national and international level.


Name of staff Designation Qualification Experience Email id (Official) Contact No. Photo
Prof. S. B. Belkar Head,Associate Professor & Head M. E., Ph.D. [Registered] 22 7588605985
Dr. A. D. Dongare Associate Professor M.E., Ph.D. 35 8208768821
Prof. M. S. Mhaske Associate Professor M. E., Ph.D. [Registered] 16 9226967672
Prof. P. R. Nale Associate Professor M. E., Ph.D. [Registered] 17 9960688943
Dr. D. M. Deshmukh Assistant Professor M.E., Ph.D. 14 8830775328
Prof. D. S. Pawar Assistant Professor M. E., Ph.D. [Registered] 15 8530511399
Prof. P. M. Karandikar Assistant Professor M. E. 13 8888370055
Prof. R. L. Kadu Assistant Professor M. E. 12 7028633315
Prof. P. D. Kabudke Assistant Professor M.E. Ph.D. [Registered] 12 7588514764
Prof. A. D. Dighe Assistant Professor M.E. 13 9960252420
Prof. S.V. Shelke Assistant Professor M.E. 10 9096596243
Prof. M. B. Gulve Assistant Professor M.E. 09 9579432207
Prof.Ms.Gholap S. S. Assistant Professor M.E. Ph.D. [Registered] 08 7972390452
Prof.Shaikh M.K. Assistant Professor M.E. Ph.D. [Registered] 15 9921399214
Prof.Mhaske R.G. Assistant Professor M.E. 10 7709856631