Future (Planned)



Name of Staff Designation Mobile Number Email
Shahaji Ramrao Sakhar Director 9284550565
Nilesh Popat Balsane Faculty 8788615389
Dipak.A.Jejurkar Faculty 8788423899
Sagar S. Kulkarni Faculty 8380036490
Bhushan V. Birari Faculty 8390653030
Ravindra P. Bidgar Faculty 7709951250
Kotarthil Vinay Faculty 7767072753
Seema S Shelke Typist 9075512717

Rules & Regulations for Students

  • Students will be permitted to select only one group: PCM or PCB.
  • Compulsory 9 hours daily attendance in classes/ Academy as per schedule.
  • Students should follow the Academy-provided schedule and planner.
  • Course fee and instalments must be paid in time.
  • Authorities reserve right for giving / rejecting / cancelling the admission.
  • Students should maintain silence in classroom.
  • Use of Mobiles, Tablets, Musical Instruments etc. in premises is strictly prohibited.
  • Student’s must not disturb others.
  • Students must Report/ Inform troublesome behaviour of other students to the authorities.
  • Strictly avoid making noise even in break time.
  • Maintain Cleanliness: Use Dustbins for left-over food or wrappers.
  • Save water. Close the taps after use.
  • Switch off lights and fans, when not required.
  • Enter your name in the register, while entering in Library.
  • Obtain Prior Permission from authorities for remaining absent.
  • Fees, once paid, will not be refunded under any circumstances.