A successful career begins today with the correct educational choice.

Current openings

Trained SST teacher, qualification M.A.(Geo.), B.Ed. for teaching higher secondary classes.

M.PEd. teacher for Higher Secondary classes.

English teacher B.A.,B.Ed.

English teacher M.A.Bed. for Higher Secondary classes.


Career guidance counselling is given in the school.

Faculty Development Program

Tipping Point –The three sessions of the workshop was mandatory for teachers. The workshops were meant for teachers to understand and practice activity based teaching in their day to day routine, and to develop a positive attitude. The influence this had on others, and how it helped in developing the personality was appreciated by the teachers.

Science Workshop –A Special workshop for science teachers was organized by Gurukul Pune, in collaboration with the Royal Society of London. This session gave the importance of teaching by demonstration and practical, by sometimes using things which are around us.

Mentorship programme—A special programme is being conducted for teachers from other institutes to highlight the use of activities and make them aware of how the CBSE syllabus is to be taught in class.