First Year Engineering


First Year Engineering Department at the Sir Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Nashik handles the common syllabus for all first year engineering branches.

Aware of the fact that the first year of engineering is a delicate phase in student’s life, we have instituted the Teacher Guardian Scheme (Mentoring Scheme) since 2002. Under the scheme, a teacher acts as a Guardian for solving routine issues of a small group of students with a view to foster healthy student-teacher relations.

Students Association of First Year Engineering students (SAFE) works for the overall personality development of students through expert lectures, seminars, workshops and various competitions.

Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Total Experience
R.S.Shelke FE Head & Assistant Professor ME (Design) 15 Years
S.R.Sakhare Associate Professor M.Sc.(Mathematics) 33 Years
K.P Tambe Associate Professor Msc(Chemistry) 20 Years
S. T. Karle FE Head & Associate Professor M.Sc.(Mathematics) 18 Years
V. J. Patil Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Mathematics),B.Ed. 12 Years
V.K. Vikhe Assistant Professor Msc(Chemistry) 5 Years
R.B. Bhusare. Assistant Professor Msc(Physics) 3 Years
S.V. Sonawane Assistant Professor Msc(Physics) 3 Years
B. M. Korde Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Mathematics) 3 Years
A.G. Tambe Assistant Professor ME Civil(Pursuing) 1 Years
A D Shirsath Assistant Professor ME Civil(Pursuing) 2 Years
Mr. V.V.Borade Peon 10th 15 Years


Following are the download link for syllabus:

FE Syllabus(2012 Course)

Previous Results

Year Class Results
2017 FE 65.33%
2016 FE 64.15%
2015 FE 53.68%
2014 FE 71.26%
2013 FE 74.24%

Toppers List

Year Class Name of Topper Result
2018 FE Mr. Sudhanshu Jayant Roopam 9.84(SGPA)
2017 FE Miss. Pooja Kiran Bhagat 9.4(SGPA)
2016 FE Mr. Prathamesh Jaganath Joshi 9.46(SGPA)
2015 FE Miss. Priyanka Popat Suryavanshi 9.0(SGPA)
2014 FE Mr Yogender singh Bhatti 71.26%
2013 FE Miss Pooja Marewad 75.64%

Department Profile

HOD Desk's

Academic work of First year Engineering is to be planned and monitored by Dean Academic. As per the syllabus prescribed by Savitribai Phule Pune University, First year Engineering students have common curriculum irrespective of specific branches chosen by them.

Dean Academic is the Head of First Year Engineering. He monitors the attendance of students, conduct periodical test, identifies needs and arranges some special lectures if required. Also keeps parent informed about progress of their wards at regular interval .We have started Teacher Guardian Scheme (Mentoring Scheme) from academic year 2002. Under the scheme, a teacher is nominated as Guardian for small group of students and students can seek help from respective teacher in solving their day today problem. The scheme also maintains healthy relation between students and teachers.

We also believes that overall personality development of students can achieved by giving him opportunities in all possible field , hence we have started separate Students Association of First Year engineering students (SAFE) . Under this association, we conduct expert lecture, seminar, workshop and various competitions.

Mr.Kailas P. Tambe , FE Head & Assistant Professor

M.Sc (Chemistry)