Central Library Report

No. of Titles : 8080
No. of Volumes : 29606
No. of E- Books (Springer) Titles: 9,703
No. of National Journals : 73
E – Resource : 1. Springer – Computer, E&TC, Elect, IT
2. Springer – Mechanical Engineering
3. J – GATE for Social & Management
4. NDL- National Digital Library
Membership : 1. IIT, Bombay
2. British Library, Pune
3. Jaykar Library, Pune University
Branch No. of Titles No. of Volumes No. of Journals
Mechanical Engineering 1108 4320 12
Chemical Engineering 1121 4350 06
E&TC Engineering 1125 4285 06
Computer Engineering 1125 4240 06
Electrical Engineering 1135 4250 06
Information Technology 1035 4300 02
Applied Science 1055 3294 03
Branch No. of Titles No. of Volumes No. of Journals
MBA 460 2068 12
ME Mechanical 337 654 05
ME Computer 350 615 06
ME E&TC 250 489 05
Literature 35 35 00
Total 8066 29606 73
Total cost of Books : 1,08,08,672/-
Total Cost of E – Books: 1, 95,790/-
Total Cost of E – Resources: 5,24,021/-
Total Cost of Journals : 2,40,697/-
Total Area of Library: 982
Reading Room Seating Capacity : 250
Library Timing : 9.00am to 5.00pm
No. of News Paper : 08
Name of Faculty Department Designation
Dr. A. D. Dongare Mechanical Dept Chairman
Dr.S.N.Shelke HOD Mechanical Engg Member
Prof. U. V. Patil HOD E&TC Member
Dr. B. L. Pangarkar HOD Chemical Engg Member
Prof. K. N. Shedge HOD Computer Member
Prof. R.S.Bhalerao HOD IT Member
Prof. N. B. Shaikh HOD Electrical Engg Member
Prof. R.S.Shelke FE Dean Member
Prof. A. P. Kare HOD M.B.A Member
Dr. P. S. Bodake Librarian, K.K. Wagh Engg, Nashik Member
Dr. Rajendra Kumbhar HOD& Librarian, University of Pune Member
Prof. P. E. Avhad Librarian & Secretary Member
Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Total Experience
Prof. Avhad P. E. Librarian M.A. B.Ed M.Lib.& I.Sc, SET, NET, M. Phil. Ph.D. (Reg.) 13 Years
Mrs. Tajane G. E. Assistant Librarian M.A. B. Lib. & I. Sc. 9 Years
Mr. Shingote S. C. Library Attendant B.A. 20 Years
Mr. Daware S. M. Library Attendant B.A. 18 Years
Mr.Dharankar P. V. Library Clerk B.A. 9 Years
Mrs. Sadgir V. R. Library Peon S.S.C. 14 Years

Library Objectives

Higher Technical Education requires the assimilation of vast amount of Knowledge and from its further development the students need the availability of a large volume of material to form their judgment. Faculties need materials to pursue Research and Teaching.

  • To Support the Learning Process of the Students through Provision of Knowledge.
  • To meet information needs of the faculty and to support their Teaching and Research activities.
  • To enrich the Knowledge Services.
  • To provide Orientation, user Education and References Service to the Teachers in order to maximize the use of the resource of the Library.
  • To support the extra curricular activities conducted by the Institute.

Library Rules

  • All Students can avail the Library Membership against the fee receipt. The students are required to fill in the membership form along with two stamp size photographs. On completion of necessary formalities, students are given a membership identification number & a Library card (borrower’s card) will be issued to them.
  • The borrower’s ticket remains valid for the period indicated on it, and the same can be renewed every academic year.
  • Four books will be issued to every student for duration of 12 days only.
  • Reference books, CD’s magazine/journal (back volumes) are available at Reference Section before Issuing.
  • The student should check the book thoroughly, if any missing pages are found while borrowing the books, they must inform the Library staff immediately.
  • No book in damaged condition will be accepted from the borrower. Mutilated or spoiled books will have to be replaced by the borrower with a recent edition if available, or pay its cost.
  • In order to get the books renewed, borrower must be physically present at the circulation counter of the Library. Books are re-issued only, if it is not reserved.
  • Students must carry their I-Card with them, whenever they visit the Library.
  • Students are requested to observe strict silence in the library.
  • Students are advised to use the reading room only for studying.
  • Mobile phone is not allowed in the Library premises.
E-Resources No. of Journals Available URL
Springer- Mechanical Engineering 272 Access on IP Based
Springer- Electrical, E &TC , and Computer Engineering 283 on IP Based
J-GATE (MBA) 530 on IP Based
J-GATE (Engineering) 450 on IP Based
DELNET (Annual Membership) 795 http://www.delnet.nic.inAccess on IP Based
NDL - National Digital Library E-journals, E-Books, Thesis is Audio & Video Lecturers etc. on IP Based
NPTEL Video’s Courses 27000 on IP Based
Springer (E-Books Package) 9703 on IP Based

Library Facilities

The Library extends the following facilities and Services to the users.

  • Reading Hall
  • Home Lending
  • Overnight Book Facility
  • Inter Library Loan
  • Periodicals and Newspapers
  • Reference Service
  • Open access system
  • Multimedia and Internet Service
  • Career guidance and guidance in project work
  • Books on competitive Exam
  • Orientation of fresh students
  • Current awareness service
  • Book Bank Scheme
  • Issuing of C.D. to faculty and students.
  • Access to E – Journal & International Journal Databases.
Book Bank Scheme
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