Applied Science & Humanities


The department of Science involves teaching Engineering Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Communication Skills for the students of all engineering disciplines. .Art of writing technical project reports is taught by Applied Science faculty. A language laboratory containing 20 multimedia computers is provided for the students to enrich their communication skills..

With the well qualified experience and dedicated faculty, Department of Science brings out good academic achievements. The department always motivates the students towards the greater attention and hard work which the subject demands. They crop up them to technical education and examination system.


Name of Faculty Qualification Designation Currently Associated
Laware R. V. MSc (Analytical Chemistry),B,Ed. I/C HOD YES
M.N.Shelke MSc (Physics) BEd Sr. Lecturer NO
Nirmal S.D MSc (Analytical Chemistry) B,Ed. Sr. Lecturer YES
Patare R.A. MSc (Physics) B,Ed. Sr. Lecturer YES
Tambe S.D MSc (Mathematics) B,Ed. Lecturer NO
B.R.Durgude MSc (Physics) B,Ed. Lecturer NO
Ghogare C.R MSc (Physics) BEd. Lecturer YES
Pathare D.V. MSc (Mathematics) B,Ed. Lecturer YES
Belkar J.A. MSc (Mathematics) B.Ed. Lecturer NO
Kawade A.V. MA (English) B.Ed. Lecturer YES
Kale B.P. MSc (Analytical Chemistry) B,Ed. Lecturer YES
Jejurkar P.H MSc (Mathematics) B,Ed. Lecturer YES
Kadu G.P MSc (Analytical Chemistry) Lecturer YES


The department has well equipped and well-furnished laboratories with all latest equipment’s necessary for conducting practicals as per Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE), Mumbai syllabus.

  • Applied Chemistry.
  • Applied Physics
  • English Language Laboratory.

  • Prof. S. D. Nirmal
    Applied Science
    Vision Publication, Pune
  • Prof. R. V. Laware
    Applied Science
    Vision Publication, Pune
  • Prof. M. N. Shelke
    A Basic Science / Applied Science
    Vision Publication, Pune