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  • Languages offered - Marathi, Hindi &English
  • Admission to Higher Secondary courses are based on SSC marks and Entrance test.
  • For all standards we select students from all over Maharashtra and also from other states of India through only Entrance test and his academic performance of previous standard.
  • Entrance examination includes both Written and Oral is based on previous standard syllabus (Maths, Science, English, History & Geography, General Knowledge and current affairs, Intelligence test, etc.)

Academic Plan

The School’s academic year is from June to May. The school opens in the second week of June. Three days holidays are granted in September and in February. The School will function on all days except on Sundays and Government holidays.


The school follows the Maharashtra State Board syllabus.English is the medium of instruction. However, there is one Marathi and Hindi languages for Std V to X standard XI Pure science and Computer Science..
Our institute is approved as Application receiving center (ARC) & all online admission process takes place at our institute.

Teaching Methodology

  • All staff teaching VI to X is trained for this method.
  • School also complete syllabus of CBSE which different from state board for STD IX to XII for NDA & NA purpose.
Part I Language - English
Part II 200 marks General knowledge for Pure science stream and 200 marks. Computer Science for Computer stream.
Part III 1. Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English & Computer Science - English Medium
2.Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, G.K. & English - English Medium
Academic subjects offered Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Activities offered
English, Hindi, Marathi, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Computer (IT) Science, General Knowledge. Music, Swimming, Indoor and Outdoor games, Art/Craft and Library and Various Competitions.
Academic subjects offered Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Activities offered
English, Hindi, Marathi, Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Environmental Education, History, Geography, Computer (ICT), Physical Education, Environmental Science, General Learning. Music, Swimming, Indoor and Outdoor games, Art/Craft and, Library.
Academic subjects offered Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Activities offered
English, , Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Environmental Science, Computer Science, General Knowledge. Music, Swimming, Indoor and Outdoor games, Art/Craft and Library.

Daily Routine Of Boarders

Time Activity
5:30 AM Reveille
5:30 AM to 6:30 AM Preparation Time
6:30 AM to 7:10 AM P.T.
7:10 AM to 7:50 AM Breakfast C1 5-8
7:50 AM to 8:15 AM Breakfast C1 9-12
8:20 AM to 8:35 AM Assembly
8:40 AM to 9:20 AM I Period
9:20 AM to 10:00 AM II Period
10:00 AM to 10:40 AM III Period
10:40 AM to 11:20 AM IV Period
11:20 AM to 11:40 AM 20 Mins Recess
11:40 AM to 12:20 PM V Period
12:20 PM to 1:00 PM VI Period
1:00 PM to 1:40 PM VII Period
1:40 PM to 2:20 PM VIII Period, Lunch C1 5-8
2:20 PM to 3:00 PM Lunch C1 9-12
3:00 PM to 4:00 PM Recess/Tea Break
4:00 PM to 5:00 PM Games
6:00 PM to 7:30/8:00 PM Periods IX & X for all classes
C1 5-8 go for dinner at 7:30 PM
7:30 PM to 10:30 PM Dinner C1 5-8 & Preparation
8:00 PM to 10:30 PM Dinner C1 9-12 & Preparation
10:30 PM Lights Out

1st and 3rd Sat will be observed as Holiday. Study period as per routine.

No games period on Sat/Sun/Holidays. Study period as per routine.

Parade every Wed evening.

Dinner on Sat/Sun/Holidays - 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Movie screening on Sat - 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM

Contact Information

Email -,

Address - Padmashri Dr VitthalraoVikhe Patil Sainik School, At PO - LoniKhurd, Taluka - Rahata, Dist - Ahmednagar,
PIN - 413713 (Maharashtra)

Classwise Student List

School Calender


Co-Curricular Program

Co-curricular activities are designed to develop latent talents fully and enable the children to learn to spend their leisure time in an acceptable and useful manner. A well graded programme for co-curricular activities has been made in the time table for CCA periods. The CCA programmes are conducted class wise for juniors and house-wise for seniors. The co-curricular activities for various age groups include:

  • Calligraphy
  • Elocution
  • General Knowledge - Quiz.
  • Extempore Speech
  • Greeting Card Making.
  • Debates
  • Music
  • Poetry Recitation
  • Story Telling
  • Essay Writing
  • Set Speech
  • Drawing & Painting.
  • Maths – Quiz.
  • Letter writing.
  • Science Quiz.


Top Achievements of the School

  • 07 Cadets joined Armed Forces as officers.
  • 02 Cadets joined Armed Forces in Navy
  • 74 Cadets played at National Level in Various Sports events..
  • 478 Cadets played at State level in various Sports events..
  • Zila Parishad Ahmednagar, Clean Secondary School Award 2009-10

Military Training

National Cadet Corps (NCC)

A Junior Division (Army) troop of National Cadet Corps (NCC) functions in the School. Boys of thirteen years and above are eligible to join NCC. Cadets with aptitude for outdoor adventure are sent for Mountaineering by 57 Maharashtra Battalion, Ahmednagar.

The National Cadet Corps is the Indian military cadet corps with its head Quarters at New Delhi. It is open to school and college students on voluntary basis. The National Cadet Corps in India is a voluntary organization which recruits cadets from high schools, colleges and Universities all over India. The Cadets are given basic military training in small arms and parades. The officers and cadets have no liability for active military service once they complete their course but are given preference over normal candidates during selections based on the achievements in the corps.

NCC Training is integral part of Sainik School curriculum. Hence, it is mandatory for all cadets including day scholars to be in NCC.

Training activities in Drill, WT, Field Craft, Firing and adventure activities are carried out as per the training programme.

SSB classes and training in Obstacle Course are also conducted for the senior cadets in order to enable them for the entry into the Defence Forces. With a view to create awareness on the environment, tree plantation drive and other eco-friendly activities are carried out.

Certificate examinations

‘A’ CERTIFICATE (Unit Level) - Cadets of classes IX appear for 'A' Certificate Examination in the month of February every year.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Should have 75% attendance in parades.
  • Should have attended at least one camp.


  • Weapon training
  • Map reading
  • Drill
  • NCC Organisation


“A movement aiming to study the Boy Scout, to know his needs and ideas so as to encourage him to educate himself, so that it meets his desires and instincts and is educative at the same time". - Lord Baden Powell.

Scouting is a year round activity where the Troops meet every Friday and has various achievements to its credit. The scouts have the privilege of unfurling the National Flag at flag hoisting ceremonies both on Republic Day and Independence Day. The Scouts also effectively control the traffic for all school functions. Camping and Hiking are some of the prominent adventure activities. Pitching Tents, Learning to tie knots, Cooking, Monkey Crawl, Treasure hunts and Obstacle Races are some of their routine activities. The School lays stress on Scouting as it helps inculcate the spirit of teamwork, leadership and helps in the overall development of the personality of the child.

Col. Dr. Bharat Kumar Defense Studies M.Sc, MBA, PhD Commandant
Mr. More Sudhir Kashinath. Science M.Sc.M.Ed Principal
Mr.Shelke Dattatrya Sarangdhar Chemistry M. Sc B.Ed Asst. Teacher
Mr. Asane Sunil Madhukar Physics M. Sc B.Ed Asst. Teacher
Mr.Maghade Rajesh Sarjerao English M.A.B.Ed Asst. Teacher
Mr.Bhusal Vilas Balasaheb Biology M. Sc. B.Ed Asst. Teacher.
Mr. Pathan Isak Shabbir GK M.A. B. Ed Asst. Teacher
Ms. Chaudhari Vanita Uttam Computer Science ME(CSE) Asst. Teacher
Mr. Aute Sunil Vitthal M. Sc. B.Ed Physics Asst. Teacher
Mr. Nirmal Yogesh Babasaheb M. Sc. B.Ed Mathematics Asst. Teacher
Ms. Tambe Rupali Sopan Chemistry M .Sc. B.Ed Asst. Teacher
Col Dr Bharat Kumar Defense Studies M.Sc, MBA, PhD Commandant
Mr. More Sudhir Kashinath Science M.Sc.M.Ed Principal
Mr. Bagale Babasaheb Mahadu Science B.Sc.M.Ed Asst. Teacher
Mr.Tambe Sanjay Pandharinath Marathi M.A.B.E d Asst. Teacher
Mr. Parjane Ravindra Dnyandeo Computer Instructor D.C.T. Asst. Teacher
Mr.Mohite Udaykumar Pratapsing English M.A .B.Ed Asst. Teacher
Mr.Ringe Shankar Namdeo Mathematics M.Sc.M.Ed Asst. Teacher
Mrs.Katore Mangal Dagadu Hindi B.A .B.Ed Asst. Teacher
Mr.Bramhane Sunil Shantaram Music B.A .B.Ed Asst. Teacher
Mr.Gadhave Bharat Namdeo Mathematics B. Sc B.Ed Asst. Teacher
Mr.Anarase Dnyaneswar Prabhakar Physics M.Sc. M.Ed. Asst. Teacher
Mr.Dale Ramesh Bhausaheb Phy.Training B. Sc M.Ed. Asst. Teacher
Mr.Anarase Dnyneshwar Prabhakar/td> Physics M.Sc.B.Ed Asst. Teacher
Mr.Telore Ketan Dattatray English M.A .B.Ed Asst. Teacher
Mr. Pathan Isak Shabbir English M.A. B. Ed Asst. Teacher
Mr.Kulange Baban Anandrao Phy. Instructor Ex. Army Education Coordinator
Mr. Dhavane Avinash Anil B.A, B.Lib Library Librarian
Mr. Dale Ramesh Bhausaheb B.Sc. Phy. M.P.Ed Athletics, Football Asst. Teacher
Mr. Dale Pratik Gorakh M.Sc, M.P.Ed, N.I.S Vollyball, Basketball Asst. Teacher
Mr. Jadhav Sandeep B.A, B.P.Ed, N.I.S. Boxing Boxing Coach
Mr. Gholap Santosh B.A, B.P.Ed. Kho-Kho, Kabaddi Kho-Kho, Kabaddi Coach
Mr. Shaikh Akhil B.A, N.I.S. Swimming Swimming Coach
Mr. Athave Kundlik B.A, B.P.Ed. Archery Archery Coach
Mr. Akhil Shaikh Swimming Swimming Coach
Mr.Vikhe Sameer Vasantrao Swimming Asst. Coach
Mr. Eghe Sandip Haribhau Swimming Life Guard
Mr. Chechare Adinath Swimming Life Guard
Mr. Dhone Deepak Popat Riding Riding Instructor
Mr. Nikalje Prasad Riding Groom(Horse)
Mr. Raut Sharad Riding Groom(Horse)
Mr. Abhang Sagar Riding Groom(Horse)
Mr. Jagtap Kamlesh Riding Groom(Horse)