Anti Ragging Policy

Anti Ragging Policy


PVP Sainik School Boarding has a “Zero Tolerance” policy towards bullying behaviour and any bullying will be treated very seriously. Any boarder suspects himself being bullied should talk with a responsible senior boarder or Boarding Staff member immediately. 

Definition and Identifying Factors

  • Generally, ragging behaviour is intended to hurt others, no matter verbal or physical, and is typically repeated over time.
  • Bullying often involves most or all of the following:
    1. A desire to hurt
    2. Hurtful action
    3. A power imbalance  
    4. Unjust use of power
    5. Repetition (usually)  
    6. Satisfaction by aggressor
    7. Sense of oppression by victim    

Examples of Ragging 

  • Saying hurtful and unpleasant things
  • Making fun of others
  • Using mean and hurtful nicknames
  • Completely overlooking someone
  • Deliberately excluding someone from a group of friends          
  • Hitting, kicking, pulling hair, pushing or shutting a person inside
  • Telling lies / Spreading false rumours
  • Sending mean notes
  • Trying to get other students to dislike another person

Dealing with a ragging situation

  • Do NOT do a thing – that can contribute to the bullying
  • Ensure own safety before acting
  • If you feel comfortable - stop the bullying peacefully; act immediately, with tact and care. You should also befriend / offer support to the victim after the situation.
  • Get help from a responsible adult/ Prefect
  • Make sure both the victim and the person displaying bullying behaviour receive attention from a responsible senior or staff member
  • Always talk to a member of Boarding Staff about the situation immediately after any of the above

Dealing with a ragging complaint

  • If someone approaches you with a complaint that might involve bullying, always treat the matter seriously:
    • Make sure the person being bullied and others are safe. You may need to comfort the victim(s).
    • Try to find out the following information and write it down:
      1. Who was involved?
      2. Details about the hurtful action (what happened & by whom, where and when).
      3. How the victim reacted to the actions?
      4. What events have occurred prior to the current incident?
      5. Whether the victim provoked the person to rag him?
  • Suggest seeing a responsible member of staff to deal with the issue together.
  • If asked about confidentiality, you can offer confidentiality from other boarders, but you cannot keep confidentiality from the Boarding Staff.
  • Always talk to a member of boarding staff about the situation immediately after any of the above.