House allocation policy



An important aspect of living in a boarding school is learning interpersonal and coping skills of living with other people. Other aims of boarding relevant to the PVP Sainik School house allocation policy are meeting and developing strong friendships with other peers, and feeling a sense of belonging and “home” within the boarding house. The house allocation and house change policy aims to reconcile and maximize these aims within the scope of room assignment.

House Allocation Main aims at -

  • Harmony amongst all house mates within the boarding house.
  • An environment that fosters the development of interpersonal skills, conflict resolution and friendships

House Allocation objectives -

  • An area/ room with similar grade range (no more than 3-year grade difference)
  • Each house to have cadets from each grade.
  • Mates with a harmonic diversity of interests, characters and personality
  • Mates who learn to overcome conflicts peacefully and build friendships

Conflict and complaints within rooms/ living areas -

  • It is inevitable that small problems or conflicts arise when living with other people. An important part of boarding is learning to deal with conflicts and learning to live with others. Boarders are encouraged to solve all problems in a quick and reasonable manner, maintaining respect, honesty and harmony within the boarding house.
  • However, sometimes conflicts can become quite complicated or get out of control. Boarders can seek help from a number of sources to try and solve the problem In particular, a common response will be to request a change in rooms. However, the following procedure will be followed in the case of conflicts between mates:
    1.Boarders’ are encouraged to solve the problem amongst themselves
    2.Failing step (a), boarders are required to solve the problem through mediation
    3.Failing step (b), boarders are required to meet with a member of the boarding staff, who may implement some rules or guidelines to help end the conflict.
    4.Failing step (c) or on recommendation by the staff member involved in step (c), boarders may consider and apply for an immediate room change. This step involves a written letter signed by all boarders involved in the room change and, subject to the warden’s approval, may be carried out immediately. 

Note:  At all times, violence, duress and threats to safety will not be tolerated. Should any person’s safety and wellbeing become a concern, the warden may act immediately to rectify the matter, including an immediate change in room assignments.

Hostel changes -

In order to maintain loyalty to a house, normally permission to change house will not be given. House change is permitted only in exceptional circumstances. Each case will be discussed in detail before implementing change.