Fire alert

If you hear the fire alarm, or are told to evacuate the Building:

  • Remain calm and keep quiet.

  • Listen and follow the instructions of the Boarding Staff or senior boarders, if any.

  • Exit the building immediately via any of the staircases (according to the escape route plan or simply choose the closest). Close all doors behind you.

  • Assemble immediately under the building (outside the building).

  • Assemble grouped with your house, class wise.

  • Remain quiet, listen to instructions and help staff complete the register. Do not leave unless in danger or advised by the Boarding Staff.

  • If you require assistance or notice a dangerous or emergency situation, contact the Boarding Staff immediately.

  • Ways to contact staff in an emergency:

  • Find the staff-on-duty or other Boarding Staff in the office, or

  • Call the boarding duty number – 02422-274346.