Department of Economics

Department of Economics

The Department of Economics established in 1971. Economics was taught at general and special level. The Post-Graduate course in Economics i.e M. A .(Economics) was introduced in the year 1981. The department also offers Agricultural Economics as a research based multidisciplinary course under the Restructuring programme. The Department has a recognized research centre for PhD since 2013. It is affiliated to SPPU, Pune. The Department has four faculty and they are actively engaged in teaching, consultancy and research activities. At present 45 students are pursuing their studies with Economics as a special subject. Teachers provide academic and personal counseling to students preparing for careers in banking, stock market, insurance, investment analysis, etc.

Research Activities

At present, 5 students are pursuing their Ph.D. at the departmental research centre. There are five guides affiliated to the research centre. The head of the department, Dr. R.G. Rasal is a recognized M.Phil. and Ph.D. guide. Five students have completed Ph.D. and 19 have completed M.Phil. under his guidance. He has published 1 text book and 2 reference books. Mr. S.A. Gonde is pursuing Ph.D. and Mr. R.B. Lavhate is pursuing M.Phil.

As a part of the syllabus, teachers guide the students for the preparation of Research projects on various topics, chosen by the students. In the last five years, Dr. R.G. Rasal and Prof. S.A. Gonde have completed one Minor Research Project each. Departmental faculty have published 50 research papers in various journals and proceedings of seminars and conferences. The department has organized two national-level seminars and five workshops in the last five years.


The department has a separate room for its activities. It has two computers with internet facility for teachers and students. There is a separate departmental library with reference books, in addition to the central library of the college.

Highlights of Department

  • 79 students are hired by various industries/ firms through college campus interviews.
  • 3 Students have passed NET/SET examination.
  • 2 Minor Research Projects are completed by the Faculties.
  • The Department has organised 2 National-level Seminars and 5 Workshops on various topics.
  • The faculty members have delivered 30 lectures as Resource Persons in National / State level Conferences / Seminars / Workshops.
  • 50 Research papers are published in reputed journals.
  • 52 Research papers are presented in seminars and conferences by the faculty members.
  • 2 students are awarded Ph.D. and 4 students are pursuing Ph.D. in our Research Centre.
  • One of the faculties is a member of BOS, SPPU, Pune since last 10 years.
  • One of the faculties was the President of the National-level Marathi Arthshastra Parishad, Mumbai. in 2017-18.

Faculty Profile

Dr.Rasal R.G. Member-B.O.S. in Business Economics S.P.P.U.Pune Head,Associate Professor and Vice Principal M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D. 9850044089
Mr.Gonde S.A. Assistant Professor M.A. , M.Phil. 9921139339
Mr.Kadu R.B. Assistant Professor M.A. 9767564850
Mr.Lavhate R.B. Assistant Professor M.A.B.Ed,GDC 9763429920


Major/Minor Research Projects

Name of Principal Investigator Name of the Research Project Name of Funding Agency Duration of Project Amount/ Fund Received (Rs.)
Dr R. G. Rasal Study of Female Agricultural Labour in Rahata Taluka UGC 2012-14 55000/-
Mr.S.A.Gonde Socio-Economic Study of Nomadik Tribes in Shrirampur Tahasil of Ahmednagar Dist UGC 2012-14 80000/-


Faculty Awards

Name of the Teacher Name of the Award Level
Dr.R.G.Rasal President of Marathi Arthshastra Parishad (2017-2018) National
Member of Academic Council SPPU, Pune(2010 to 2015) University
Member of Faculty, Mental, Moral & Social Science, SPPU, Pune (2010 to 2015) University
Member of BOS, Business Economics, SPPU, Pune (2010 to 2015 and 2017 to 2022) University

Student Awards

Name of the Student Name of the Award Level
Gadekar Rupali Tulshiram University Ranker – 9st Rank 2014-15 University
Miss Thorat Vidya Bhika NET SPPU, Pune, June 2012
SET SPPU, Pune, DEC 2013
Mr.Shelke Ganesh Rakhmaji SET SPPU, Pune, April 2017 State


Event Level Funding Agency Duration Number of Participants
NET- SET Workshop 2017-18 University SPPU, Pune 28 Feb 2018 50
GST Workshop 2017-18 University SPPU, Pune 26 Feb 2018 53
National Seminar 2017-18 National SPPU, Pune 12 to 13 Feb 2018 122
Mata Collegechya Dari University SPPU, Pune 23 Feb 2017 66
Cashless Transaction 2016-17 University SPPU, Pune 06 Mar 2017 105
NET-SET Workshop- 2014-15 University SPPU, Pune 21 Jan 2015 58
TYBA Rest. Workshop 2014-15 University SPPU, Pune 26 Feb. 2015 34
SYBA Rest. Workshop 2013-14 University SPPU, Pune 1 Feb. 2014 42
National Seminar 2013-14 National SPPU, Pune 17 to 18 August 2013 180