Department of English

Department of English

The English Department is operational since the establishment of the college i.e the year 1971. Initially English was taught as a compulsory subject for first year B.A., B.Com and BSc courses. English as a special subject was introduced in the year 1976. The post-graduate course i.e M.A. English was introduced in 1994. Various steps have been taken to develop the infrastructural facilities of the department. The department runs a vocational course Functional English to increase the employability of the students. This course is operational since 1994.

The department has a well-equipped Soft Skill Training Centre having 35 Lingua Phone machines. In addition, there are 21 computers for developing communication skills of the students. The departmental library is well equipped with reference books and it subscribes to 05 journals related to language, literature and ELT. The courses like Communication Skills in English and Preparation for Competitive Examination are taught under the restructuring programme. The department offers Special Guidance in English for weak students. It also offers a Career Oriented Course in Spoken English. The department runs Remedial and Bridge courses. At present there are five teachers in the department, who are actively engaged in research activities and consultancy, apart from the regular teaching activities.

Highlights of Department

  • Organized Seminars, Conferences, Workshops at National and State Levels
  • Completed two Minor Research Projects under UGC
  • Communication Skills in English and Preparation for Competitive Examination are taught under Restructuring Programme
  • UGC's Career Oriented Course in Spoken English
  • Vocational Course (Functional English)at UG level
  • Well-equipped Soft Skill Training Centre
  • Remedial and Bridge Courses
  • Special Guidance in English for weak students
  • Skill Development Programme in Soft Skill for Base Line Staff
  • Personality Development Programme

Faculty Profile

Mr. Bhandari N. D. Head and Associate Professor M.A.,B.Ed. 9922592847
Mrs. Dhimate S. S. Assistant Professor M.A,SET,Pursuing Ph.D 9850142546
Dr.Dagwale P.R. Assistant Professor M.A.,SET MPhil,PGCTE,PhD. 8329425044
Mr. Khade V. A. Assistant Professor M.A,NET.Pursuing Ph.D. 9762648993
Mrs.Phatangare S.B. Assistant Professor M.A.,B.Ed., M.Phil,Pursuing Ph.D. 8007991503


Major/Minor Research Projects

Name of Principal Investigator Name of the Research Project Name of Funding Agency Amount/ Fund Received (Rs.) Remarks if Any
N.D.Bhandari A Qualitative Evaluation of the Project Work Incorporated in the Post Graduate Curriculum of English of Pune University UGC 90,000/- Completed 2012-14
P. R. Dagwale A Critical Study of Dilip Chitre s Says Tuka UGC 60,000/- Completed 2012-14
V. A. Khade Thematic Study Of Mahesh Dattani s Plays B.C.U.D. University of Pune 55,000/- Completed 2010- 12


Name of the Student Name of the Award Date Level
Kishor Ramdas Shelke Passed the SET Exam 22.06.2013 State
Shekhar Bhausaheb Bramhane Passed the SET Exam 07.09.2016 State
Sunanda Ramdas Pachore Passed the NET Exam 25.07.2014 National
Rahul Dadasaheb Tupe Volleyball 16 to 17.10.2017 University
Sushmita Sanjay Gawali Participated in NCC Camp, Mangalore. 12 to 23.12.2017 National


Event Level Funding Agency Duration
Language as a Tool of Communication National BCUD, S.P Pune University 19 to 21 Sept.2013