Science Department

Department of Botany established in the year 1971, is one of the leading departments of Padmashri Vikhe Patil College running academic programmes at UG, PG and Research level with the support of eleven teachers of whom eight are Ph.D holders. It is recognized as a star department under UGC- CPE Programme (2007) and is also sponsored by DST under FIST program in 2008.

Under graduate courses are offered under restructured, general and vocational streams with only Botany as special subject at third year level.

Nursery development and Horticulture which are the job and skill oriented courses coupled with project work forms an attractive interdisciplinary component of restructured stream offered to the students from Science as well as Arts faculty.

In 1986 PG programme was introduced on self financing basis thus helping rural students to pursue higher studies and fulfil their dreams.

Considering the infrastructural facilities and staff available for the students to pursue Ph.D studies, Savitribai Phule Pune University has approved our department as a research centre in 1989. So far thirty students have been qualified for doctoral degree from this centre and twenty one students are pursuing research work under the supervision of five research guides in the areas of mycology, seed pathology, phycology, plant breeding, ethnobotany, biofertilisers, medicinal plants etc.

The department has introduced Seed Technology course in 1994 under the Vocationalisation of first degree education scheme sanctioned by UGC which has fetched employment to most of the students in reputed seed industries. At present this course is totally self financed.

The staff members are actively engaged in research and extension activities. A number of research papers (67) have been published in National and International journals and also presented in the seminars, conferences in India and abroad since previous assessment by NAAC.

Two major research projects, one financed by Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India and one by UGC have been successfully completed. In addition eight minor research projects funded by UGC and Savitribai Phule Pune University have also been completed in the department after the previous assessment by NAAC. At present one major and three minor research project works funded by UGC and Savitribai Phule Pune University are being carried out. All these stand a testimony to the enhancement of research activities and continuous involvement of staff in research work.

So far the department has organised three National level seminars/conferences and six university level workshops.

The department has collaboration with Seed industries, Agriculture University and Botanical Survey of India for research activities and with NGO Ashwamedh Herbal Products. Collaboration with seed industries is particularly for on job training as well as employment purpose.

There are six laboratories in the department out of which three laboratories are exclusively for under graduate students, two for post graduate students and one for the research students. All the laboratories are well equipped with modern instruments purchased out of grants provided by Management, UGC, DST, DBT and Savitribai Phule Pune University for development and research projects.

The botanical garden is well maintained with ex situ conservation of some rare and endangered medicinal plants collected from Western Ghats. Such plants are multiplied and planted at different places in collaboration with forest department and taken care of by the department as an extension activity. The concept of Nakshtra garden to create awareness for conserving sacred and Nakshtra based plants was implemented in last year by our department which has received applauds from the common people.

Polyhouse constructed with the financial assistance from Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt of India is an attractive feature of the department in which ten different flowering varieties of gerbera are cultivated to meet the demand of Gerbera flowers in the market. The flowers are sold at reasonable rate in the market.

Apart from library consisting of 335 books and 13 research journals subscribed by the staff, the department also maintains herbarium wherein 800 plant specimens are categorised and preserved for reference.

Four staff members are on the editorial board of International Journal of Plant Sciences, Muzaffarnagar. Some are life members of International Journal of Plant Sciences, Muzaffarnagar, and Advances in Plant Sciences, Muzaffarnagar, Asian Journal of Experimental Biological Sciences, Agra and Journal of Indian Botanical Society.

Two staff members were awarded with the Best Teacher Award in the year 2001 and 2007. One staff member was honoured with the young scientist award by the Society of Applied Sciences, Agra in the year 2009 and two were awarded with the certificate of excellence by Academy of plant Sciences, Muzaffarnagar and Society of Applied Sciences, Agra in the year 2008 and 2009 respectively.

Two post graduate students Mr. Vilas G. Jadhav and Mr. Rahul Adhav were selected as members of Savitribai Phule Pune University team for the Avishkar- (a students’ research) competition which is the brain child of the Chancellor, held at Mumbai and Solapur in the year 2008 and 2010 respectively.

The department is enriched with learning resources such as charts, museum specimens, slides, models, herbarium and modern facilities like computers, internet, LCD which help the students in independent learning.

Faculty Profile

Dr. R.D. Borse Head & Associate Professor M.Sc. Ph.D.
Dr. P.Gopal Reddy. Associate Professor M.Sc. M.Phil. Ph.D.
Dr. Mundhe B. F. Assistant Professor M.Sc. B.Ed. Ph.D.
Mr. Gholap D.N. Assistant Professor M.Sc.
Dr. Kharde M.N. Assistant Professor M.Sc. Ph.D.
Dr. Wabale A.S. Assistant Professor M.Sc. Ph.D.
Dr. Giri S.P. Assistant Professor M.Sc. Ph.D.
Miss. Aher A.A. Assistant Professor M.Sc.
Mr. Gulve V.S Assistant Professor M.Sc.
Mr. M. G. Gavit Assistant Professor M.Sc. NET
Miss. M.D. Kakade Assistant Professor M.Sc.

Department of chemistry was established in 1971 for imparting knowledge in chemical sciences at Under Graduate level. Keeping abreast with the National Policy of education the department introduced project based learning Analytical chemistry as a \93C\94 component course under restructuring programme in 1893. The department has pride of designing the curriculum for M. Sc. Analytical Chemistry and is Pioneer to run this course since 1987 in Savitribai Phule Pune University. Later on two more courses Viz Organic Chemistry and Drug Chemistry were introduced for Post Graduate in 1991 and 2005 respectively. The department has five spacious and well equipped laboratories for conducting Under Graduate and Post Graduate practical courses. The department also has two research laboratories and a separate computer laboratory with free internet access for online research and reference work. The department expresses its gratitude to DST for providing a grant of Rs. 42 lacks under FIST programme and UGC for providing Rs. 15 lacks for imparting the infrastructure facilities in the laboratories. The strength of our department is reflected by research and placement activities. Reorganization of the department by Savitribai Phule Pune University as a research centre has motivated, staff and students to pursue research work in the emerging fields of chemistry related to co-ordination chemistry, separation science, organic synthesis methods, etc. The success of research work carried out in the department is due to availability of sophisticated instruments like Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS), High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), FT-IR, Gas Chromatograph (GC) and Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrometer. More than 56 research papers have been published by our staff in the journal of national and international repute. Sixteen minor and one major research projects funded by UGC and Savitribai Phule Pune University are completed. Not limiting to only teaching and research activities the department as a service to society conducts campus interviews. It is significant to note that more than 80% of the students have secured employment in R&D, Q.C. & Q.A. in several pharmaceutical industries like Merck, Calyx, Harmann, Gharda, Macleods, etc. The activities of our department are focused on achieving the mission of producing successful scientist, entrepreneurs and professionals with academic knowledge and skills for contributing to the current scientific demand of the society.

Faculty Profile

Dr. S.R. Kuchekar Associate Professor M.Sc. Ph.D.
Mr. D.G. Thorat Vice-Principal & Associate Professor M. Sc.DHE.
Dr. S.S. Pandit Associate Professor M.Sc., SET,B.Ed.Ph.D.
Dr. H. R. Aher Assistant Professor M.Sc., Ph.D.
Dr. B.K. Uphade Assistant Professor M.Sc.,SET,M.Phil.Ph.D
Dr. S.S. Gholap Assistant Professor M. Sc.SET, Ph.D.
Mr. K.R. Kadam Assistant Professor M.Sc.B.Ed.SET,NET
Mr. A.S. Waghmare Assistant Professor M. Sc.SET,
Dr. A. G. Gadhave Assistant Professor M. Sc.SET, Ph. D
Mr. S. S. Shelke Assistant Professor M. Sc., B.Ed.
Ms. A.S.Vikhe Assistant Professor M. Sc., B.Ed.
Mr. S.R.Gadhave Assistant Professor M. Sc., B.Ed.
Mr. S.S.Lokhande Assistant Professor M. Sc.SET
Mr. S.D.Bhumkar Assistant Professor M. Sc.SET
Ms. A.A.Gunjal Assistant Professor M. Sc.SET
Mr. Y.R.Sadaphal Assistant Professor M. Sc.SET
Dr. R.B.Gaikar Assistant Professor M. Sc., Ph.D.
Mr. D.B.Ughade Assistant Professor M. Sc.
Ms. T.B.Talole Assistant Professor M. Sc.
Ms. R.G.Thete Assistant Professor M. Sc.
Ms. K.K.Chitalkar Assistant Professor M. Sc.
Ms. S. R. Bankar Assistant Professor M. Sc.
Mr. R. M. Aher Assistant Professor M. Sc.
Ms. V. B. Gulve Assistant Professor M. Sc.
DR. Murade V.D Assistant Professor M.Sc. SET, Ph.D.
Mr. A.R. Gavit Assistant Professor M.Sc. NET

In the present era of IT explosion, it is needless to tell the importance of computers and computer training. The Computers have become necessary in all the fields the country has a vast untapped human resource necessary for effective implementation of computer policy and its usage. With rapid growth in information and technology, the world is changing constantly and there is much demand for computers and computer educated persons with skill in using computers, maintaining computers and its peripherals and in developing software programs.

With the greater interest towards the social attitude and responsibilities,The department of Computer Science started in 1987. The Post Graduate course in Computer Science was started in 2000 affiliated to the Savitribai Phule Pune University.

In the year of establishment department have only 19 students. At present 510 students are perusing B.Sc. (Computer Science) & M.Sc.(Computer science) degree, under the able guidance 24teaching staff assisted by 4 non-teaching staff.

The Department is well equipped with 5 Computer Laboratories having 102 computers, and 8 classrooms are on the sharing basis for B.Sc(Computer Science) & M.Sc.(Computer Science). Department provides internet facility to students free of cost. For the completion of academic syllabi, department arrange the seminars as well as guest lecturers to improve the qualities of students. In addition to conventional methods of teaching, internet, LCD, seminars, group discussion, project work etc. facilities are provided to students.

Department also encourage the students to take parts in extra co-curricular activities like various software exhibitions, competitions held in the college as well as other institutes/College.Besides learning in theory classes, students also learn themselves by using computers, internet services facilities in laboratories, tutorials, various project works assigned to them also help in independent learning. The subject knowledge of students is evaluated through internal tests, group discussions, seminars, oral test and assessment of practical work, practical records, project works, and tutorials.

Our faculty members are participated at National and International level seminars, workshops, conferences. The Department also organizes seminars, workshops and conferences. The faculty members are engaged in research activities. The department organizes campus interviews.

The department has recently set up Computer and Internet Awareness Center at Nandur Village as consultancy services to the farmers free of cost.

Faculty Profile

Prof. Gondkar R.R. Head and Associate Professor MCM
Dr. Amale B.B. Assistant Professor M.C.S. Ph.D
Prof. Mrs.Galande C.S. Assistant Professor B.E.(Computer), M.C.S.
Dr. Dube H.V. Assistant Professor M.C.S. Ph.D
Prof. Mahajan S.P. Assistant Professor M.C.S.
Prof. Pardeshi J.H. Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Electronics), NET
Prof. Bangayya S.N. Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Electronics),SET
Prof. Miss.Tambe S.D. Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Electronics),SET
Prof. Khule S.K. Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Electronics),NET
Prof. Deokar S.R. Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Computer)
Prof. Gujar S.D. Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Computer)
Prof. More S.M. Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Computer)
Prof. Sonawane G.S. Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Computer)
Prof.Miss.Gavhane P.N. Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Computer)
Miss. Shaikh A.N. Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Computer)
Mrs. Sapkal K.G. Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Computer)
Miss. Bawake P.S. Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Computer)
Prof. Vairal K.L Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Math)
Mr. Shaikh T.N. Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Math)
Miss. Thorat A. G. Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Math)
MR. Gagare S.R. Assistant Professor M. Sc.(Comp. Sci.)

In the year 1971 P.V.P.College was established with the vision of upliftment of rural masses through appropriate education. In the year 1972 the Department of Mathematics was established and in the year 1982 Mathematics was started as special subject at T.Y.B.Sc. Level. In the Department presently U.G. and P.G. curriculum is conducted.

Presently there are 3 staff members in the Department, of which one is Ph.D. holder, one NET, SET qualified and one is M.Sc. In the Department more emphasis is given on teaching, learning and evaluation. Personal attention is paid to each student of the Department. Staff members of the Department actively participated in the curriculum development workshops organized from time to time. Teachers of the Department have written 4 textbooks for F.Y.B.Sc. Teachers of The Department have attended 21 workshops and seminars. Our Department has organized a workshop on 22-9-2007 on F.Y.B.Sc. Mathematics curriculum. Our faculty members worked as paper setter ,examiner, moderator, member of selection committee etc. Dr. P.M. Avhad is a Chairman of B.O.S. in Mathematics from 2011.He is also a member of 32-5 committee of Savitribai Phule Pune University. Students are encouraged to participate in programmes like MTTS, IIT Workshops etc.

Faculty Profile

Mr. Nikumbh V. E. Head And Assistant Professor M.Sc. SET. NET.
Mr. Momale P. S. Assistant Professor M.Sc. SET
Miss. Musmade S.V. Assistant Professor M.Sc.
Miss. Jejurkar V.L Assistant Professor M.Sc.
Miss. Labade M.V. Assistant Professor M.Sc.
Mrs. S.C. Nagare Assistant Professor M.Sc.(MATH)

The department of physics was established in the year 1971-72 with the objective making physics learning interesting and applicable. The department started offering Physics as principal subject at 3rd Year level since 1979-80 while P.G. course was introduced in 1990-91 to cater the needs of students willing to pursue higher education in the subjects. Physics department’s faculty members played an important role in development of Physics departments in sister institutes of education society a) Ploy technique college, b)Engineering college, c) Computer Science department of the college, d) Women’s polytechnique college, e) MCVC of junior college, e) Electronics Department of the college. Project based learning is compulsory at U.G. & P.G. Level. Among the 7 faculty members one is a Ph. D. holder and three M. Phil degree holder. The faculty have involved in the academic curriculum designed by the university continuously for three years F.Y.B.Sc.2008-09. , S.Y.B.Sc.2009-10, and T.Y.B.Sc.2010-11. The success rate at P. G. and U. G. level is 100 %. Our faculty members use internet and other educational aids for updating their knowledge & teaching skills. Seminars are given by the students on different topics including practical. Study tours, visit to industry and research institute help our students in their independent learning practices. Student teacher relations are very friendly due to which we can shape the carrier as per their ability and capability which results in 100% placement of our students. Our teachers constantly upgrade themselves by attending orientation courses, refreshers courses, workshops, seminars, symposia, conferences. Mr. G. T. Shirole and Dr Dighe P. M. have completed the minor projects funded by BCUD. Student and teacher visit Pravara Medical Trust, Fergusson College, Savitribai Phule Pune University, NCL, GMRT, etc. Every year our students are selected for Advance Diploma in radiotherapy at Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai. The selection is on the basis of written tests and interview at national level. All these selected students get stipend of Rs. 6000/- per month. We encourage and provide guidance to students for different competitive examinations. We feel proud to say that all our students are employed in different fields like industries, IT, research, civil services; defense services medical fields, etc. As a social commitment teachers and students of our department visit nearby villages, farm laborers and organize meetings to popularize renewable energy sources. During the visit social awareness about the efficient use of agricultural pumps sets, home appliances and renewable energy sources so that electricity will be saved. Women are trained to use solar cooker, solar drier, solar lantern and other devices. This is a unique social activity of our department. Continuous disciplined efforts of the faculty member’s results in providing the responsible and good citizen to society.

Faculty Profile

Prof. Shirole G.T. Head & Assistant Professor M.Sc. M.Phil. B.Ed.
Dr. Dighe P.M In-charge Principal & Associate Professor M.Sc. Ph.D
Prof. Anarathe S.S. Assistant Professor M.Sc. M.Phil. B.Ed
Prof. Bhatkute S.D. Assistant Professor M.Sc.
Miss. Sandan M. R. Assistant Professor M.Sc.
Prof. Pehare B.M. Assistant Professor M.Sc.
Mrs. Wale S.B. Assistant Professor M.Sc.
Mrs. Bhujbal M.S. Assistant Professor M.Sc.
Miss. Shinde P.P. Assistant Professor M.Sc.

The Department of Zoology was established in 1971. This is one of the leading departments in the college. The department conducts academic programmes at UG, PG and Research level. Out of seven staff members, five are Ph.D. holders. Two are recognized research guide for M. Phil and one for Ph.D programme. It is recognized as a star department under UGC- CPE Programme (2007) and also DST /FIST sponsored Department.

At present the Department of Zoology conducts teaching programmes in Zoology at U.G. Level, under two streams Non-restructuring and Restructuring stream. The department conducts a 93Certificate course in Sericulture under Career oriented courses.

Labs in the department are well equipped with all the required equipments and teaching aids, a separate computer lab is established with internet facility and the students are encouraged to use them in their project work. Special efforts are taken by the department to add latest Text books, Reference books and scientific journals in the Central library. Further each student is required to complete a small research project during the second year of the post graduate study.

Department is recognized as a Research centre. So far five Minor research projects are completed and two are ongoing. The staff members of the department have published 62 Research papers in various journals and 8 papers are communicated for publication, and also organized four one day seminars in the last five years. One of the P.G students has presented his project in Avishkar and awarded with second prize at University level in 2007.

So far Department has received grant of Rs.670000/- from UGC / BCUD and Rs.20, 00000/- from DST-FIST programme during 2003-2011.

The research activities of the department are well recognized and cover areas such as Biodiversity, Toxicity, Environmental Science, Entomology, Fisheries, Pest control and Malacology. The department is actively engaged in research activities and generating funds from the U.G.C., B.C.U.D., Savitribai Phule Pune University and D.S.T., New Delhi.

Faculty Profile

Dr. Pawar B.A. Head and Assistant Professor M.Sc. Ph.D.
Dr. Dhembare A.J. Associate Professor M.Sc. Ph.D.
Dr. Tambe D. S. Assistant Professor M.Sc. Ph.D.
Dr. Pulate V. M. Associate Professor M.Sc. Ph.D.
Mr. Gholap A. B. Assistant Professor M.Sc.
Assistant Professor M.Sc. Ph.D.
Mr. Vetal D.S Assistant Professor M.Sc.
Miss. Mahamuni S.D Assistant Professor M.Sc.
Miss. Bhavar S.D. Assistant Professor M.Sc.
Dr. Thete K.D. Assistant Professor M.Sc. Ph.D.
Gholap A.B. Assistant Professor M.Sc. NET.
Mr. P. G. Dale Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Zoology)

The undergraduate Department of Electronic Science was started in 1985. Teaching at F.Y.B.Sc level was started in the first year. S.Y and T.Y B. Sc were introduced in the successive years. In the present academic year (2011-2012) 105 students are pursuing their graduation in Electronics. Three sanctioned staff members work in the department as per the sanctioned quota.

Department offers B.Sc. in Electronics-Science and two UGC sponsored Career Oriented Certificate Courses. ‘TV & Video Programming’ in 2005-06 and ‘Computer Hardware & Networking’ introduced from academic year 2010-11.

Department infrastructure includes three Laboratories one for B.Sc. electronics students and two for B.Sc. Computer science students. From academic year 2007-2008 separate Electronics laboratories were established for practical of computer Science students.

B.Sc. Electronics laboratory consist of Microprocessor/Microcontroller & Computer laboratory. Department provides Internet facility through LAN for the students and staff. The department has developed educational electronic kits for practical and project purposes. Department provides specialized and sophisticated instruments for the students. This helps in improving the experimental skill & instrument handling capacity of the students.

Department has its own library. The library has reference books, text books, project reports, magazines, CDs, DVDs and Blue Ray discs. The library also consists of “Electronics for You” magazine subscribed by the staff of the department.

The staff members are also engaged in research work apart from regular academic work. Two Minor Research Projects are in progress. The staff members have published research papers in scientific journals, presented posters in International, National and University level Seminars, workshops, conferences & symposiums during last five years.

During last five years the staff members of the department have upgraded their academic and educational qualifications. Prof N.D. Sali has been awarded with Ph.D. degree from Savitribai Phule Pune University. Prof. A.T. Kanade has got qualified for NET & SET examination.

During last five years department received the CPE grant and grants for career oriented courses from UGC New Delhi. The minor research projects are funded by BCUD Savitribai Phule Pune University. The total grant is around 22 lakhs rupees.

Staff members of the department are actively shouldered the responsibility for development of virtual learning center of the college which is useful for college students and rural community.

Faculty Profile

Mr. Gandhe S. P. Head and Associate Professor M.Sc. M.Phil.
Dr. Sali N. D. Associate Professor M.Sc. M.Phil. Ph.D
Mr. Kanade A.T. Assistant Professor M.Sc. SET

Department of Biotechnology at undergraduate level with intake capacity of 44 students was initiated in 2004 and at post graduate level in 2008 with intake capacity of 24 students. Department had its credit towards a major project on star college scheme of about 77 lacks sanctioned by Department of Biotechnology, Government of India and holds seventeen publications during the academic year 2015 to 2016, in different national and international journals. The department is mainly focused on various student projects and also motivated towards research grants offered by DST, DBT, UGC and BCUD, Pune.

Department has separate Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Plant and Animal Tissue culture, Microbiology, Bioscience and Bioinformatics laboratories with broadband internet facility. Departmental library has 92 reference books and 500 e-books as well as 180 project reports database.

The eligibility criteria for undergraduate (B. Sc.) admission is H.S.C. science with 50% marks and for postgraduate (M. Sc.) is 60% marks for open and 55% marks for reserved category.

Faculty Profile

Mr. Subhash L. Kakad Head And Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Biochemistry)
Mr. Rahul K. Lodha Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Biotech.), SET, GATE, DCIT
Ms. Kavita S. Dhamale Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Biotech.), GATE
Ms. Snehal S. Dhas Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Biotech.)
Ms. Vrishali V.Korde Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Biotech.)
Ms. Neha A. Gurave Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Microbiology)
Dr. S.D. Gaikwad Assistant Professor M. Sc.(Bio-Tech) , Ph. D.

The Post Graduate department of Environmental Science was established in 1992.since 2009 dept. recognize as research center by the university. The infrastructure in the department includes well equipped instrumentation and Computer room with free internet facility. Department run its own library,apart from central library of college.The Department offers M.Sc and Ph.D. program in the subject. Any Science/Agriculture/Engineering/Home Science Graduate is admitted to the M.Sc. by following the University guideline. Modern teaching methods are practiced for teaching; like use of LCD, Internet, GPS, and Google earth in addition to conventional method . Besides learning, department also promote the student in-plant training and ecological visits. The student’s evaluated through internal tests, group discussion, seminars, tests and practical work, Final evaluation is through the University examination conducted at the end of semester, as course run under semester pattern.

Research has become continuous activity of the department. At present 4 students are working for Ph.D. So far three minor research projects have been completed and 17 research papers published in National and International journals in last five years.

Through research work, the department is handling different issues to find some solutions on environmental problems which in turns help to extension activity of the department.

Faculty Profile

Dr. Pondhe G.M. Head & Assistant Professor M.Sc. Ph. D
Mr. S.S. Gaurkhede Assistant Professor M.SC. NET.

Department of Dairy Science and Horticulture established in the year 1986, is one of the leading departments of Padmashri Vikhe Patil College which conducts academic programmes at UG with the support of one teacher.

Under graduate courses are offered under restructured streams for Science and Arts students. This course is job and skill oriented. It is coupled with project work, which forms an attractive interdisciplinary component of restructured stream offered to the students from Science as well as Arts faculty.

The staff members are actively engaged in extension activities, which strengthen the students and farmers.

So far the department has organised fifteen university level workshops. The department has collaboration with Mahatama Phule Agriculture University, Rahuri, Dr. Babasaheb Sawant Krishi Vidyapeth, Dapoli, Regional Coconut Research Centre, Bhate, Ratanagiri, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Babhaleshwar, Institute of Agriculture and Dairy Science, Loni and College of Agricultural Biotechnology, Loni for academic and extension activities.

Nursery is well maintained with ex situ conservation of some rare endangered and medicinal plants collected from Western ghats. Such plants are multiplied and planted at different places in collaboration with forest department and taken care of by the department as an extension activity. Coconut fruit nuts are purchased from the Regional Coconut Research Centre, Bhate, Ratanagiri, are raised in the nursery and are sold to farmers only. This practice generates revenue. Maintenance of 435 coconuts, 52 mangos, 20 Sapota, Garden plants and landscape is carried out by the department. Farmers and students from the area are trained in Hi-tech Floriculture technologies by arranging workshops in the Polyhouse constructed by the College. The polyhouse consists of ten different flowering varieties of gerbera, which were purchased from Holland Collaborated Kumar Floristic Ltd, Pune. Department has a good library consisting of 80 books and 05 magazines. The department has well maintained dairy farm with 5 cows and two Bulls. The dung, litters from the college campus and agricultural waste from the dairy farm is used for preparation of vermicompost, which is used in the campus. Dairy farm has a 4 hectares field reserved for growing fodder and horticulture crops, which is well equipped with agricultural, horticultural and dairy implements. Department arrange on field workshops to the farmers and students at different localities for enlighten them in the recent technologies in Embryo transplant, Clean and Safe milk production, Milking machine technology and horticultural technologies food processing, improved varieties of fodder crops and green house technologies. Self employment is generated through own dairy farm business and dairy by product shops.

Faculty Profile

Dr. Vikhe A.M Head And Assistant Professor M.Sc. Ph. D

Library is the center of any organization & plays an important role in the Social, Educational, and Scientific & Industrial achievement of National growth at all level and setting of a number of industries & research institution that have given a boost to the development of a new library. We have an army of a professionally qualified trained library staff. With this purpose Padmashri Vikhe Patil Art’s, Science and Commerce College established the Department of Library & Information Science in the year 1994-95 offering the degree of bachelor of Library & Information Science. Infrastructure

The Department of B.Lib & L .Sci has a separate section having 12 sets of DDC, 15 sets of C.C., and 12 sets of sears list of Subject Heading 13th & 14th edition. It has a separate classroom facility which fulfills the needs of students.

The Departmental library houses 433 books and subscribes to 07 journals.

Faculty Profile

Rite A. S. Librarian B.Sc. M.Lib., NET, SET, PGDLAN
Dr. Aher B.B. Assistant Librarian M.Com. M.Lib., M.Phil. Ph. D.